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Lucaffè was founded in 1996 on the shores of Lake Garda, thanks to the passion and resourcefulness of Gian Luca.
The company grew rapidly and expanded further in 2004 by moving to its new headquarters in Carpenedolo, Brescia, a stone’s throw from the other company, which manufactures and distributes the exclusive La Piccola brand espresso machines.
The collaboration between the two companies, taking the best of the artisanal tradition of roasting and espresso machine design, led to 360-degree experimentation in the world of “easy served” espresso, allowing for excellent quality products on both fronts.

A good intuition in communicating the product was to connote the Lucaffé brand with an aura that evokes sympathy and professionalism. Particular care is taken in offering attractive and functional packaging. The wide range of specially designed gadgets reinforces the Italian image of the product: the tradition of Italian espresso as it is consumed in Italy by Italians.

Lucaffè began as a small artisanal coffee roasting company and over the years transformed into an industrial company in a continuous process of innovation, research & development that Gian Luca Venturelli tirelessly continues.



Coffee selection and acquisition is personally overseen by Gian Luca, who carefully tastes all the samples that arrive at the company, often traveling abroad to visit plantations and producers. We are the only company in Italy to have two optical sorters, one for green coffee, the other for roasted coffee, necessary to remove defective or immature beans so as to ensure a more balanced organoleptic profile and a more digestible coffee.


We directly take care of every stage of transporting the raw material to our factories. We use innovative paper sacks, thus avoiding the deforestation required to produce jute.

Paper sacks also protect the coffee more, both during transport and storage, preserving 30 percent more quality.


Individual coffee varieties are blended in well-thought-out proportions.
Our blends are the result of years of passionate research and are offered in a variety of types to satisfy multiple tastes.
In addition to our blends, we also offer particularly prestigious single-origin coffees and Specialty Coffees, Colombia and Decaffeinated (awarded as the best of the year) and an additional Specialty blend
sold in 1-kilo cans.


The processing of our coffees is that of artisanal practice: gentle air roasting that caresses the coffee while avoiding harmful mechanical shocks.
We thus obtain a product of the highest quality and highly healthy:
essential oils and aromas are protected and the beans are well developed and fragrant, with little residual moisture and limited caffeine content.


Grinding is a delicate step of significant importance to the final result.
We grind coffee with the best that grindstone production has to offer.

With the contribution of additional and important innovations achieved in recent years,
we grind coffee in the absence of oxygen and at low temperature, gently and gently.


In order to preserve the aromas for a long time, we are particularly careful about the packaging of our coffees, both pods and capsules and coffee beans or ground coffees
Immediately after roasting, the coffee is immediately sealed in the jar where it can mature and season without ever having taken light, oxygen and moisture.
In this way it can retain its antioxidants, preserve the aromas and goodness entirely, and ensure a much longer shelf-life.