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Coffee is the most widely drunk beverage in the world not only because it provides a dose of natural caffeine and antioxidants, but also because it is so rich in flavors that make it unique.
Drinking coffee is an extraordinary sensory experience that is good for your health. At Lucaffè we believe in physical well-being and have created new production processes that enhance the quality of coffee and its beneficial properties.
The pairing of our pods with the “La Piccola” machine with its silver brewing group and glass water container is a unique combination that we offer to our loyal customers.


Founded in 1996 on Lake Garda in Italy, Lucaffè is the result of Gian Luca Venturelli’s love for the art of coffee roasting and to his natural talent for creating the most exquisite and delicious blends, combining the best beans, constantly studying and improving the production process with the goal of offering the best coffee experience to his customers. Lucaffè was born in a small warehouse, where Mr. Venturelli carried sacks of coffee purchased from Brazil on his shoulders, devoting much of his time to researching the best suppliers and creating better and more environmentally friendly ways to transport coffee to Italy.
His tireless quest for improvement is what has allowed Lucaffè to grow from a small warehouse to a larger complex, which continues to grow and invest in better machinery to process coffee beans with the utmost care:
Our process begins with a manual selection of the beans in order to achieve maximum purity and to eliminate the smaller beans that burn faster and impart a bitter taste to the coffee. Next, the coffee is gently roasted in a bed of hot air that ensures the integrity of the beans and preserves all its essential oils.
With our 3-step grinding process, we are able to achieve the perfect grind level for filter coffee, pods, and capsules.

With continuous research, from coffee origin to packaging, we are always developing the best solutions for the entire production line: Our nespresso® compatible capsules are 100 percent biodegradable, our pods are compostable, and our tins are made of stainless steel, the second most recyclable material in the world. They are also hermetically sealed, allowing the coffee to be stored away from moisture and oxygen, preserving flavor and freshness.

“QUALITY IS HEALTH” is Gian Luca Venturelli’s motto: Lucaffè’s number one priority is the health of its customers while offering the best taste and quality. And this is proven true with just a sip of our coffee


Careful selection of raw materials is the starting point for creating extraordinary coffees. Lucaffè is committed to using only the finest coffee beans from the world’s most prestigious regions.

Careful cultivation, meticulous harvesting, and careful processing ensure that each cup of Lucaffè coffee is a sensory masterpiece.
The craftsmanship involved in roasting the beans gives Lucaffè coffee a rich, enveloping aroma with distinctive and complex notes that satisfy the most refined palates. The roasting process is carried out with precision to ensure that each bean fully releases its unique flavors, giving an authentic tasting experience.


But it is not only the quality of the coffee that sets Lucaffè apart. The company is also committed to environmental sustainability, promoting responsible and sustainable agricultural practices. This commitment is reflected not only in the goodness of the coffee, but also in the business ethics that characterize every stage of production.