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Careful selection of raw materials is the starting point for creating extraordinary coffees. Lucaffè is committed to using only the finest coffee beans from the world’s most prestigious regions. Careful cultivation, meticulous harvesting, and careful processing ensure that each cup of Lucaffè coffee is a sensory masterpiece.


All Lucaffè products come in cans: pods, capsules, catte beans and ground coffee. The tin is the most disposable container after glass, eliminates any plastic migration onto the product and is completely impermeable to oxygen ingress, ensuring a much longer shelf-life. It is easy to re-seal and can be placed in the refrigerator, maintaining the freshness and fragrance of the coffee for a long time.

COFFEE beans

We were the first to import 30kg (instead of 60/70kg) bags of coffee from Brazil, made of paper instead of jute, so as to decrease the environmental impact of jute production. In paper, the coffee absorbs less moisture during transport, thus preserving 30% more quality.


Our Smart Pods contain 30% less coffee; they are the smallest pods on the market. This means 30% less coffee transport from countries of origin and 30% less coffee to roast: less product consumption, less energy consumption, less emission into the environment.

They are also packaged in biodegradable and compostable paper, easily disposed of in your backyard.


The same eco-friendly line characterizes our La Piccola coffee machines: they are not disposable but repairable for life.

Made only from noble materials produced in Italy to control their supply chain and quality. Equipped with a lead-free brass exchanger that heats water only at the moment, thus preventing it from stagnating and absorbing harmful substances. They can be equipped with internal parts made of silver, a natural antimicrobial and antiviral and an excellent conductor of heat, making the machine more environmentally friendly as it consumes seven times less.


A wide variety of accessories complete the Lucaffè product range. Design objects that tell the story of the brand and allow you to enjoy coffee at its best.