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June 2013

Lucappuccio cappuccino cup


Cappuccio or cappuccino?
Well, we say "Lucappuccio".
Our Institutional big cup gains a logo all to itself.
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Lucaffé cafeterias and restaurant napkin dispensers

Napkin dispenser

New design for the Lucaffè's napkin dispenser. You will soon find it on cafeterias and restaurant tables all over the world.
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Coffee beans in a fresh keeping packaging: a 700g (24.69oz) coffee bag" />

Fresh aroma

Coffee beans in a fresh-keeping packaging: a 700g (24.69oz) coffee bag. Available blends: Classic, Decaffeinated, Mr. Exclusive and Blucaffé.
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March 2013

Magnum Reserva coffee: selected coffee beans

"Reserva" coffee

Coffee beans in a special occasions packaging: a Magnum bottle in a gift box. Secret blend of selected coffees chosen by Gian Luca Venturelli.
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Redesigned Lucaffé coffee tray

Redesigned tray

Our round tray has a new look. Proud to serve many new espressos, each of the same unmistakable quality.
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Lucaffé wall sign

Wall sign

Plexiglass advertising
wall sign.
30x30 cm.
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Interior neon signs

Neon signs

Interior neon signs
available in Classic
or Blucaffé version.
30x50 cm.
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